About the project

When one thinks of the early school leaving problem, he automaticaly associate it with learning difficulties. The goal of this project is to go beyond this academic thinking and pay attention to one of the important couses of quitting education too early- unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately we do not often realise that eating disorders or lack of physical activities may lead to depression, low self-esteem and other psychological problems that may lead to learning difficulties and what follows early school leaving. This project aims at the groups of teenagers being potentially in danger of early school leaving, coming from the poor social background, where they can not really count on anyone helping
them except for school.. It will allow students to have a closer look and evaluate their way of life and adapt proper changes that may influence their wellbeing and so their school results.


This project will allow students to learn, implement and to promote positive and healthy behaviours and to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
This project will help to create positive environment in the classrooms and at school through determining priorities and common objectives which will be adjusted to the needs of the school community. For example:introduction of healthy oriented polices and programmes in the process of continuous improvement of the schools,


The project is based on Erasmus project.
All the partners will equally participate in creating a Twinspace.
1. What is our actual lifestyle - until February 2019
2. Eating disorders/ healthy advertisement - until May 2019
3. Local products - September 2019 
4. Sport - December 2019
5 Final - May 2020


Students will develop their English language skills. The main goal of the project is to make students gain self confidence and learn the healthy way of life so we expect them to change their, not always good, habits.

Coordinating people:

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