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The fourth mobility in the frame of the Erasmus + project, European Healthy Lifestyle took place throughout a week from 2nd-6 th March 2020,in Reunion Island at the College Les Deux Canons.
The main themes that took place in several activities were related to the sport. We also had the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful local sightseeing of Reunion Island.

On the first day we were greeted at school by the hospitality of the teachers and students who prepared an artistic program. We visited the surroundings of the school, classrooms, laboratories and sports fields . In the afternoon we went to the commune La Possession, located in the northwest of the island, to the boarding house Dos D’Ane where we all stayed by night. The second day we were going hiking. On the same day we had a working session for watching and discussing the video films of each team in the project and PowerPoint presentations related to the rules of specific sports.

The next day we were equipped for hiking to reach Roche Vert Bouteille. The route we went, required a little effort, only short distances to climb, with steep slopes, earthen stairs and a narrow path near the rock. We were impressed by the dizzying passages, by the magnificent panoramas observed in several points. The path borders the top of Roche Verre Bouteille. The exit lasted about 2 hours, depending on the speed and energy of the hikes. As a stretch aria was almost 2.9 km. Small iron stairs were installed to cross the upper rocks.

In the afternoon we had activities of volleyball and football, students and teachers.
The third day we went to the Jacques Tessier holiday center by bus where we had to stay by night. We stopped on the beach Trou d’eau for doing water activities: paddling and snorkeling, diving and swimming. In the afternoon we enjoyed for a swim in the lagoon near the pension.

On the fourth day we got dressed for hiking. We took the bus to the starting point and then continued to climb on foot to the first crater of the volcano in Pas de Bellecombe, a mountain of 2361 m above sea level, located in the eastern part of the island of Reunion. The road to the top is called Route Forestiere but it is also known as the Route de Volcan .
The next activity was a visit to the turtle aquarium and observatory called Kelonia in Saint-Leu. In the afternoon we had a video conference with our partners from France and Italy about the development of the project activities for the next mobility. They couldn’t come in Reunion because of the travel restriction due to the covid pandemic.
On Friday we left the Jaques Tessier Center and went to visit the local market in Saint Paul to buy souvenirs and enjoying the authentic view of the people and the products.

In the afternoon we returned to the College Les Deux Canons to participate in a futsal sports tournament, a specific football game of Reunion students. The game was played on mixed teams formed of parents, teachers and students.
The futsal awards ceremony, was followed by the ceremony of awarding certificates and gifts.
On Saturday we said goodbye to our hosts at the airport.

Reunion Island gave us wonderful and unique experiences. The beauty of the tropical landscapes, the hospitality and warmth of the hosts, the activities we participated in, we are so grateful for all the memories we gained on that bright green island.


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