Romania mobility report

Erasmus +, project "European Healthy Lifestyle"

           During  7th until 11th October  2019,  Antonie Mogos  Gymnasium   School located in commune Balesti,  Gorj county,hosted the partners from the multinational project Erasmus +, European Healthy Lifestyle, teachers and students from France, Reunion, Italy and Poland. The topics discussed were the following:

           1.Interview Report was  the first theme, in the form of short films, with English subtitles, regarding the farms visited  by students during the period of preparation of the activities required within the project. Students and teachers from the countries participating in the project visited farms with local products that promote healthy eating. One week before, our students visited an agricultural farm specializing in corn cultivation and a vegetable farm. In the interview, our students told what they saw and learned about sowing, planting, cultivating and caring for corn and vegetables, in the field and in the greenhouse.

           2. The Multinational  Garden  was  the second  theme  which  included a series of activities: the PowerPoint presentations of the different seeds which  were brought by the project partners to be sown  in the greenhouse  situated  on  the school  field  in  Cornesti  village, designated  for gardening activities. Dissemination activities were debated on written papers and discussions at school, and they were followed by  practical activities.

            3. The Multinational Menu - the theme that started with the PowerPoint presentations of the different dishes needed in the daily menu of each person,  for  having  a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the partners from Poland had to prepare breakfast, Italy snacks and drinks, Romania lunch, Reunion dessert, and  France had  to prepare dinner meal. The dissemination activities were carried out in writing at the school as well as practically through the  activities which  took place in a restaurant   from  Ceauru  village.

              In the last two days of the week, Thursday and Friday, our project partners, students and teachers were travelling  to Turnu Severin,  Orsova  where they enjoyed a cruise on the Danube with motorboats. They visited the Medieval Fortress, saw the statue of  Decebal  on the Danube and walked through the Herculane Baths site. On the last day on   Transalpina  they enjoyed the wonderful view of the landscapes, the sheep and the shepherds  which  came  along  their way in an unexpected way.

               The festive dinner took place at the restaurant in Cornesti  village,  in  the Medieval Fortress restaurant. There   the students and teachers received the certificates of participation in the project activities.



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